Aim of the project Open European Nephrology Science Center (OpEN.SC) is the constitution and dynamic advancement of a scientific University Research Information Center for nephrology and transplantation medicine.
Both, data from conventional sources (e.g. clinical-, laboratory-, MRT-data) and new sources (e.g. molecular diagnostic-, gene expression-, publication-, study data) will be used.
Additionally innovative procedures of digital data acquisition and - structuring will be applied to compile and edit the extensive data sets efficiently for further use (e.g. identification of new illnesses, planning and execution of experimental and clinical studies, academic teachings) by means of a metadata repository.
OpEN.SC, the planned Research Information Center for nephrology, is internationally unique. It offers the possibility to systematically acquire heterogeneous and rare disease patterns. Within short time histological, molecular-biological and clinical data will be available for multi-center studies.
The infrastructure of OpEN.SC is adoptable for other medical fields, too.
OpEN.SC is integrated in the standard setting committees of the IHE and DICOM and helps in the development of these standards.